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From the Principal's Desk - Week 4 Term 3

Teachers Step Into Leadership Role
Park Avenue teachers, Mrs Connie Casey and Ms Michelle Stokes, are so passionate about Science, Technology and Mathematics that they have put their hands up to lead work across the school in this area. Students and staff alike are waiting with excitement to see what they bring back from the upcoming LEGO professional development As you can imagine, this was a highly contested leadership position in the school – who doesn’t like any excuse to play with LEGO J Sounds like way too much fun to be learning!
Morning Reading
The morning reading groups are off to a great start. Students and their tutors are full of exciting news about the time spent together. Congratulations to everyone involved for being there in the morning!
School Opinion Survey
The School Opinion Survey is open! The survey will take about ten minutes. A letter on blue paper with details on how you can complete the survey has been sent home with the eldest of each of our Park Avenue families today. You are very welcome to access the survey from school. Just pop into the Administration building and we’ll find a quiet place on a computer for you and provide any assistance required.
Working Bee
A big thank you to our working bee volunteers. The school was a hive of activity on Saturday with trees planted, a scented garden established and hedges trimmed. Check out our food for the future line of trees in front of the Hall on Tung Yeen Street. In three years our students will be enjoying mandarins, sapote (chocolate pudding fruit), guava, oranges, avocado…and more J. If you happen to have some bales of hay we are looking to build up around the fruit trees.
Roadshow Comes to Park Avenue
On Monday, 28 August a visiting STEM (Science, Technology and Maths) team will be working with all of our students in years 3-6!  This will be a free, full day event and involves the following activities:
·         How to film Dynamic Digital Content – Students will follow a sequence of steps to create an instructional video using IPads
·         Engaging Superhero Story – Students will storyboard the concept and then film a movie trailer for a superhero film
·         How to create a Stop Motion Animation – Students will capture one frame at a time with physical objects that are moved between frames, when played back the sequence of images create the illusion of movement
·         How to Broadcast Technology – Students will plan, create and deliver a short video about a recent event using a green screen, teleprompter and action movie FX
·         How to win Robo Wars – Students will design and build a Lego robot and strategise a battle plan.
The Roadshow is aimed at preparing students for the digital-focused jobs of the future and providing professional development opportunities for their teachers.
National Tree Day
Last Friday Buddies in Year Four and in Year One planted native trees at the front of the Hall. We are very grateful to the Council’s Kershaw Gardens’ nursery for donating the plants. Here at Park Avenue we are striving to improve our environmental footprint and this is the work that will educate and empower our students today and provide for a cooler future. See the Planet Ark national tree day press release attached.